Constable of Glorn

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Creature Stats

Constable of Glorn
Stats Domain Level Flux Cost Attributes
Attack 1 {{{6}}} {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
Hit Points 4
Speed 4
Vision 3
Range 0

At the end of the round your nearest completed building in sight of Constable has +1 vision until the end of next round.

Specifics of Operation

Sometimes, you will have two buildings that are equidistant from the Constable. In this case, the vision bonus is added to the building that was created first.

Vision bonus is added at the end of the round, so a dying building will still get the vision bonus, and then die. This means the vision bonus may not be seen the next round.

--Keyser 20:26, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

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