Bone Fortress

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Building Stats

Bone Fortress
Stats Domain Level Flux Cost Attributes
Attack 0 Salvage {{{7}}} {{{8}}}
Hit Points 3
Speed 0
Vision 2
Range 0

Gives D Domain.png Domain.

Bone Fortress gains a +1 Max Health token anytime a Creature is destroyed within its sight.

Specifics of Operation

Consider the case when Bone fortress is at 0 HP or less and a creature within sight has also has 0 or less HP. If the creature was created first, the creature's death will resolve first, and the Bone fortress will get +1 HP. If the Bone Fortress was created first, the Bone Fortress will be destroyed and then the creature's death will resolve.

--Keyser 20:26, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

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