Selling Gold + Collection
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Author:  doiron [ Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  Selling Gold + Collection

FIRE SALE. So I've got a lot of gold to sell. Normal store prices are $10 for 500g, or $2 per 100g. I'll sell for $1.10 per 100g, or 55% of the normal price. With an additional $5 discount for every 5,000g ordered. Orders from 500g to 30,000g accepted. Only Paypal payments accepted (both credit card and non). Please PM me on the forum or find me in game if you'd like to purchase some gold. I'm usually on at least daily.


Breakdown of common prices

Gold Store Me
500g $10 $5.50
1,000g $20 $11.00
2,500g $50 $27.50
5,000g $100 $50.00
10,000g $200 $95
30,000g $600 $270

I'm now also selling my collection. Can do the whole deal, or break it up if there's interest. It's a LARGE collection, probably one of the largest so breaking it up is quite reasonable. I'll keep bidding open for two weeks.


Buildings: (1x)
1x Mysterious Cube

Creatures: (16x)
1x Cargo Fluyt
2x Crushing Wheel
1x Errant Enchantment
6x Fairy Emissary
6x Griblarnock

Enchants: (31x)
1x Encircling Sea
8x Power Alteration
1x Ice Sheet
5x Foul Termite Infestation
1x Reserves
6x Seedling
4x Solstice
1x The Nothing
4x Vines of Dellen

Spells: (13x)
4x Early Dawn
4x Humiliation
5x White Elephant

Total: 61


Buildings: (46x)
2x Acmar's Disruptor
1x Astridian Bazaar
2x Astridian Geographic Society
2x Banner of the OO'Tong Clan
2x Bronze Statue
3x Epicenter
1x Goblin Slave Market
1x Ivory Spire
1x Gilded Organ
4x Ghost Crypt
2x Gossamer Palace
4x Hadarck's Throne
2x Hall of Mist
2x Isolated Monastery
1x Mud Shelter
1x That Hive
1x Orb of Mind Control
1x Seat of the Essenes
4x Storm Factory
5x Underworld Gate
2x Trance Lantern
2x Wasteland Yurt

Creatures: (110x)
1x Abyssal Bloodhound
1x Athal the Horrible
2x Avenging Angel
4x Barkskin Dragon
4x Bilgrin's First Prototype
2x Caravan of Dreams
1x Blaze of Abrixa
3x Dag Cannon
1x Desiccating Elder
3x Driftwood Golem
3x Fire Beetle
4x Dire Cave Cricket
2x Dew Mogi
3x Exalted One
1x Farizai Shaman
2x Glorn Airship
3x Guuthlun Tempest
6x Galog Bullfrog
1x Lord of Chaos
5x Lord Zyngyth
1x Lower Plane Aberration
1x Mindherd
6x Naga Sentinel
1x Tree Mother
7x Pixie Queen
4x Noggel'n Bobbel'n
2x Osin Faith Healer
1x Prince of Desolation
1x Pine Ent
7x Sadathian Mercenaries
1x Slumbering Titan
8x Tamed Frost Wyrm
1x Tortured Ghost
4x Trunk Hermit
2x Volcanic Phoenix
6x Xosan Heresiarch
5x Yalrinian Fiend

Enchants: (106x)
3x Belligerent Dryad
3x Bell of Dorn
8x Bard's Inspiration
2x Claimed with Blood
2x Charm
3x Cold Snap
1x Course of Destiny
1x Crumbling Alone
2x Defender of Elkins
6x Desolation Totem
3x Erg Geyser
4x Glimpse of Greatness
2x Force Fence
1x Knight of Celador
3x Greening
2x Lava Blister
1x Homestead
3x Living Monument
2x Lost Oasis
8x Mass Confusion
1x Nightmares
6x Null Stone
1x Portal
3x Planar Intersection, Fire
2x Overclock
1x Properly Scribed Circle
1x Shroud of Blackness
6x Sigvatr's Arena
7x Subject of Loathing
2x Slime Child
2x Summoning Circle
2x Time of Heroics
7x Topological Paradox
3x Traitorous Foundation
1x Unstable Reality
1x Vortex

Spells: (51x)
7x Fissure
4x Drain Blood
2x Foreshadowing Ragnarok
3x Hill Giant Contractors
5x Line Shift
11x Morph
2x Mind Transplant
3x Micro Tectonics
3x Meld
3x Soul Plague
2x Scorched Horizons
2x Spontaneous Combustion
4x Twisting Intentions

Total: 313

too many to list, 845 total, almost full seed set (650), good chunk of borderlands (195)

likewise, lots of commons. 7k commons of seed set (full set a few times over), 421 for borderlands.

Author:  UBER [ Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold

Ill bite. How are the transactions to be handled?

Author:  Zurken [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold

If you are not sure whether to take this or not, I can only recommend you doiron and his patience as it is really admirable... ;)

Author:  doiron [ Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold

Thanks Zurken. Added a discount for larger orders - $5 off each 5,000g.

A 5,000g order, for example went from $87.50 -> $82.50, or $1.70 per thousand gold.
A 10,000g order, went from $175 -> $160, or $1.60 per thousand gold.

Author:  doiron [ Wed May 19, 2010 5:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold

Bumping in anticipation of Borderlands. Either PM me or chat in game (PM's more reliable)

Author:  doiron [ Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold

Still have gold left, so I'm lowering my prices even further.

Author:  doiron [ Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold + Collection

reduced gold prices and I'm now selling off the collection as well, original post updated.

Author:  BaconFire [ Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Gold + Collection

Hey are you still selling your gold? I would like to buy some of it.

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